Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Meet Karan Chaudhary. A 19 year old aspiring fitness model I just found.

Oh man... seriously if I could turn back time I sooo would and change so many things about myself. Why am I saying this? Well if you have met me you will exactly know why and if you have not then go to my Facebook profile and check me out. Trust me, if you have a dog with a face like mine then you would rather have him walk backwards with his ass shaved. Like they said when I took birth " We all sprang from apes but this child didn't spring far enough" yeah believe me or not, my parents almost named me "SHIT HAPPENS". It's like if hideousness was a brick, I'd be the great wall of china and if it were a crime then I would get the electric chair. Sighhhhh.... #UnfairLife. 

Oh wait... I think I am diverting from the main point of this post. Well check out this fella with a bangin body. He just turned 19 and is already giving ladies those lady woods. (You know what I'm talking about rite?)

Meet Karan Chaudhary

He is a Delhi boy, an aspiring fitness model and wants to eventually get into acting. He is currently pursuing B.Com, fine arts, fitness training and nutrition course from ISSA, UK. Phewwww... talk about hard work and dedication.  Now you know why I wanna turn back time to when I was a teenager? Now m just 5 feet nothing and twenty something. Nevermind!  

I was talking to this ripped trophy boy about his future plans- 

I want to become a fitness model, body builder and an actor in future. I have always been into fitness. It has become a lifestyle for me. It number one in my priority list. I want to do something different in my life. I do not want to be in the same herd of sheep. 

I asked him what made him take fitness so seriously. He gave a rather hilarious answer to this- 

The very first day I got inside the gym, I noticed all the pretty and hot girls were drooling over gym built guys. I decided then I have to gather some attention as well but then later it just became my lifestyle and the whole reason why I started working out changed. Besides that Marc Fitt and Zyzz are my idols. They inspire me so much. Zyzz is no more with us but he still inspires me every single day. His attitude and mindset was so amazing. 

Hmm.. I'm sure. Well I think I will stick to photoshop and make myself appear hot but of course you won't see me anywhere outside coz I will be living in seclusion!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Celio* launched it's Autumn Winter Collection 2014. A Collaboration!

Wait, hang on. Did you know these things about the European retail brand "Celio"? because I really din't. Read what it is below.
Founded in 1985 by Marc and Laurent Grosman, in 25 years, Celio* has become the must-have international brand for men's ready-to-wear.
Today Celio* has
  • 1000 stores in 70 countries (including 500 in France),
  • celio celio CLUB brand names,
  • 4 collections per year with 800 designs per collection,
  • 35 million items sold every year
And what do you know, I was there with my team to review their latest Autumn Winter collection. 

The store has a wide range of garments to choose from. Celio offers exclusive collection to the fashion devoted men and I must say the collection did justice. 

This store is on 100 feet road in Indiranagar. One of the most happening streets of Bangalore. 

The collection included casuals, formals, semi-formals and sports wear. Lots to choose from. 
Based on what was available in the store I created three looks for my model.

Autumn requires layering up so that you can keep yourself warm when the weather is nippy and cool off by taking the layers off when it becomes sunny. The idea is to keep it simple and light. Not to select anything that is too thick.  

Shout out my boys.
Photographer- Dipayan  Debbarma. Click here to see his work.
Model- Aditya Alluri

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Meet "Rami Yassine" who just appeared with Deepika Padukone in Vogue India.

Here is a model who very recently caught my eyes and I could not resist but approach him specially after seeing him with Bollywood hottie Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar in Vogue Magazine. How can anyone resist after that rite?

Ladies and gentlemen and those who are still deciding on their genders, presenting to you is this Lebanese Model "Rami Yassine".

Rami Started modeling at the age of 7. Yeah SEVEN. He did a mickey mouse shoot (awww) and now he is a full time model.

So here was I, having a wonderful conversation with him.

(Hi Rami, tell me something about yourself?)

I am 28 years old and am originally from Lebanon. I was born and raised in Dubai. My very first shoot was when I was 7, I did a mickey mouse shoot. I still remember that day. The image is so clear in my head. I started modeling professionally when I was 15 and ever since then there has been no turning back.

(How long have you been modeling and why did you decide to come to India?)

I have been modeling for 13 years now. I decided to come to India because I love traveling and I believe that I fit in the market requirement. Also I love Indian food and Indian people as well. It's a brilliant place to be at.

(Congrats on your vogue shoot with Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar. Tell me about your experience wokring with them?)

Waoo working with Vogue has been an experience. Deepika and Karan are wonderful people. Deepika is very professional. I loved working with her. We met and clicked within one minute. She made the shoot so easy for everyone because she is effortlessly beautiful and sexy.

(Your fitness secrete?)

Actually it's pretty simple. I stay away from junk food and workout as much as I can and whenever I get time.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Autumn Winter Collection at "Nautica" Bangalore. A collaboration!

New collaboration y'all and it's "Nautica" this time. Yes as Autumn kicked in fashion brands have been launching their latest collection all over the country and must say, Nautica did keep up to it's name. The fresh Autumn Winter collection ranging from shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, pull overs, jumpers, caps, chinos,jeans and watches etc. The newly launched collection gave me a lot of options to choose from and being me I did not know where to start and where to end. Like I have mentioned many times before, I am just like a greedy kid wanting them all. So was the case when I entered the store. I wanted all but as you know life is bitch, I had to calm the f*** down. 
The store not only offered fabulous clothes but also a very hospitable staff and management. We had an amazing time shooting in the store with the best of assistance possible. Oh did I mention that I went to the store which is in Indiranagar, Bangalore. There is one store in Phoenix market city, Whitefield, Bangalore as well. 
Well, as you can see below, I chose to create three very Nautica looks on my model and hey what do you know there is me in the picture this time. Yeah I decided it's time to scare people since it's halloween month. Don't worry you will only see me in two pictures. I spare yah! 
For those who do not know about this brand, here is a little wiki and web for you.
Nautica is a US-based apparel brand of the VF Corporation featuring primarily men's sportswear. Nautica was founded in 1983 by clothing designer, David Chu, and a partner. It 
Nautica took its name from the Latin word "Nauticus" for naval and in Italian language nautica means seamanship. Since one of mankind's first accomplishments in exploring the world was to take to the seas, a spinnaker logo was designed as a symbol of adventure, action and classicism.
Founded in 1983, Nautica is a leading water-inspired global lifestyle brand including men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories and a complete home collection. Nautica products are classics that are rich in performance, color and authentic style.
At Nautica we celebrate, love and respect the water, everywhere, everyday.  Our nautical heritage and spirit is reflected in every aspect of our brand categories and our quality products are crafted with integrity and are enhanced with performance capabilities.
Over the past three decades, Nautica has become one of the most important and most recognized American brands throughout the world. Today, Nautica is available in more than 75 countries with 265 full price Nautica branded stores and over 3,000 Nautica branded shop-in-shops worldwide.
Shout out to my boys-
Photographer- Dipayan Debbarma. Click here to see his work.
Model- Navneeth Sagar