Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Things that you din't know about being a Model.

This is a post that I thought I must write after being a part of the Elite Model Look India (well obviously not on the ramp but off it).People do not really understand what it's like to be a model. Everything that glitters is not gold. I myself was not aware of shit loads of things until I got into this industry. 

After speaking to many model friends and model acquaintances, I have listed down things that people do not know about being a model. 
  1. You do not always get paid- Harsh reality but yes. Models do not always get paid for the shows that they do. Sometimes you have to do it because the brand matters, the name matters and you being seen on the runway for a particular famous designer matters. Sometimes you will have to spend from your pocket to travel to another city to walk on the runway for your favorite designer. Specially if you are a new face in the industry. You might not like spending but you are no Kate Moss or David Gandy so deal with it. There is no easy way out says my dear friend "Atul Kumar Tripathi" who is a successful model himself. 

  2. Photoshop rules you- Sometimes you will have no control over how you have to look. The photographers decide how you must look according to how their choice. So you will find yourself being photoshopped quite often. You may think you are perfect but well for them you might not be and you better not argue with the fashion photographer or you can kiss your next assignment goodbye. 

  3. Models do eat- Not every model lives on lettuce leaves and oranges all day. They do eat and I realized this after meeting Prateek Jain "Mr.India 2014" who is rrriippppedd...Trust me... he is. Google him. He said he eats everything. Of course not trash, mostly healthy but eats well. Intense workout is his secret of fitness. Running being the major and most regular routine.

  4. Photoshoots are not nearlyas glamorous as it seems- Sometimes photoshoots can be tiring wayyyy too tiring. You may have to pose for a live long day. May have to wear the skimpiest outfit on a cold day or wear fur and leather on a summer afternoon. In the name of fashion you will have to bare the pain while you wear those uncomfortable shoes, your knees might hurt but they are paying a bom for that. You may also have to undress yourself in front of someone constantly looking at you and craving but you need to deal with all that. 

  5. Get used to waiting- Models sometimes end up waiting for fittings and trials for upto 12 hours. So you may have arrived at 9am for you first trial but you may have to wait until 9pm for the next designer to arrive for your second or third trial. Yeah ... sounds like a tough job rite? It is ... trust me... I am no model but I do get the inside scoop. 
  6. If you do not fit in the clothes then your out of the show- You may have been selected for a runway show for a particular designer but if you do not fit into the clothes that the designer has brought for the showcase then you can walk out without even questioning anyone. Consider it your unlucky day. 
  7. Models do not get to keep the fancy clothes- Model do not always get to keep all those designer pieces that they wear on the runway. Actually they rarely get to keep the clothes. Those pieces are just brought for the show and then are taken back to the designers fashion house. Unless its a super model and the designer is doing a barter system with him or her. 

  8. Get ready to get naked- Yeah.... they will ask you to show your skin.... sometimes more than you would actually feel comfortable showing. Designers and specially the photographers like doing semi nude or sometimes nude photoshoot. So if you are a shy person, drink up before the shoot.  Yeah take shots before the shoot. 

  9. Get used to seeing your embarrassing pictures online - Of course if you are a model then media will keep a close eyes on you. So get ready to see yourself on the news if there is a wardrobe malfunction. There will be people gossiping about you, calling you names etc. You know what I mean rite, the general public tendencies of eyeing something that they don't have and they wish they had- "Grapes are sour".

  10. Get used to people calling you snob- Yeah..... it's another usual tendency. With the title "Model" you also get the title of being a "Snob" because you do not talk much, you hangout with just few close friends, you are not seen falling out of a night club with your buddies or if you are tired of clicking pictures and you do not want to take selfies with anyone because you are exhausted and sleepy from the all day shoot that you just finished. 


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Lets talk about MANSCAPING. Why should men do it?

Just admit it. You do secretly want to look like the cast members of "Magic Mike". Don't you? You will be lying to yourself if you say NO. Do not live in denial. 

Lot of men have questioned me about Manscaping/personal grooming and tried convincing me saying that real men do not do that. Well, just so you know, time has changed. Personal grooming and hygiene is as important as wearing a bow tie with a tuxedo (not a very good analogy but you got the point).

Manscaping or keeping your body parts hair trimmed is a sign of personal care. It portrays that you take good care and are aware of yourself. You will be surprised to find out that some of the uber masculine guys follow this lifestyle of shaving, trimming and waxing. 

Tell me if your girlfriend likes all that jungle on your shoulders, back and chest. Do you actually want her to feel like she is making love to a Chewbacca in the bedroom? That will be just gross. 

This is a new age and the new age men like keeping it clean.
  1. Shoulder and back- Do yourself a favor and go to a salon and get your shoulders and back waxed every 3 to 4 weeks. You sure would not want the extra grass poking out of your shirt. It is advisable to get it waxed rather than shaved because first of all you wont be able to shave it yourself and second of all shaving wont be effective. Waxing on the other hand will give you a smooth finish. 

  2. Chest Hair- Lets be honest. Some women do get turned on by chest hair but not the creepy carpet poking out of your shirt button or collar. If not shave or wax then keep your chest hair trimmed, thin down the massive nest of hair. 

  3. Take care of Frankie and the boys down there- I'm sure you like your woman shaved down there. If you make her do all that work to keep you happy then how about you do the same for her ha? She does not deserve to floss her teeth with black thread while charming your manhood. I'm not talking about going smooth down there but at least trim it. Wrap your finger around it and if you can do so then its time to trim. Shaving might get a little itchy after a day two although it feels really good the first day. Remember- mowing the lawn would make the tree appear larger! 

  4. Ear hair- Do it yourself or have you barber do it for you. It's a major turn off. You don't want your date to be looking at your ear hair popping out while you are talking to her.
  5. Under arm hair- There should be some hair over there. After all you are a man but a bushy overgrown drapy looking underarm hair is a knock off. Trim it, don't shave it. Groom it down and keep it clean.   

Besides all this, leave everything as it is. Hair on you arms and legs do not need to be touched or trim it a little bit if you are one of those unlucky guys who grow forest everywhere and wax it if you are cover boy. 

He is an artist and he is one of a kind. Meet Zachary Crane.

After waiting for almost three months, I finally am publishing my interview with an artist who is one of kind. Why? Well checkout his art work below and you will know. One of his specialty is painting his own pictures naked. He has painted many celebrities pictures as well, of course caricatures only.

Currently he is the trending topic in his city. Lucky for me I got a chance to interview this unique individual. Read his interview below. 

Hi Zac, tell me something about yourself?

Hey, I am 25 years old. I am from Park City Utah. I have lived in LA for 1 year. I am a full time artist.

Are you considering taking up modeling as a career too?

I don't model. I've tried, but no one will have me. I guess i'm not skinny enough.

What inspires you to draw such art and why do you almost always paint yourself naked?

I draw inspiration from many different places. Lately I am attracted to honesty and vulnerability. I have really honed in on self portraits and the "Selfie." I paint myself naked because I love human anatomy. I think it would look cheesy if I tried to add clothes.

Who is your celebrity crush?
My celebrity crush is Leighton Meester. I could watch her for days. She is enchanting to me. Elegant with an edge. I saw her on broadway a month ago and I was over the moon. As for my man crush, it would be Peter Dinklage, the midget from Game of Thrones. I think he is charming.
Your fitness secret?

I don't really consider myself fit right now. Ever since I turned 25 I struggle to keep weight off. My secret is literally starving myself.

Are you single? If yes then what do you look for in a perfect date?
I am single. In a first date I look for someone who just gives a shit and doesn't have an agenda. That's too much to ask for I guess though.

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