Monday, 29 September 2014

Fiama Di Wills collaborates with Masaba Gupta.

Co-creates the exquisite signature collection to be unveiled at
WIFW Spring- Summer 2015

ITC’s leading personal care brand, Fiama Di Wills, announces its association with the iconic designer, Masaba Gupta for a special fashion presentation to be showcased for Fiama Di Wills at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014. Inspired by Fiama Di Wills’ exquisite signature series co-created with Masaba, the collection will be revealed at the Fashion Week. Masaba has rendered a glamorous, uber chic touch to this new collection while retaining her bold signature style motifs. The collection is young, sensual and exquisitely feminine.

 “I am really excited to be the chosen one by Fiama. It’s not very often that I find inspiration in jewels and gemstones, and it’s not a very integral part of my design aesthetic but this is a unique collaboration and this is the first time I will be using embellishments in my work. I really look forward to this and I hope I can deliver a fresh new youthful story through this collaboration,” said the youth icon, Masaba Gupta on her association with Fiama Di Wills.

Click here to see her video.

Sandeep Kaul, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited stated, “We believe that Masaba and her design style is an embodiment of Fiama Di Wills’ brand philosophy of timeless youthfulness. We are happy to have the very talented youth icon as our co-creator in design for the Fiama Di Wills Signature Collection this season to be unveiled at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.”

Sunil Sethi, President FDCI said, “Every season Fiama Di Wills brings forth a showcase that is an impeccable blend of beauty and fashion. This season too Fiama Di Wills and Masaba are set to create an interesting collaboration with the bejeweled signature series. We are all looking forward to Masaba's show!”

Apart from Masaba Gupta, Fiama Di Wills has collaborated with India’s finest designers including Suneet Verma, Wendell Rodricks, Pankaj & Nidhi, Rahul Mishra, Ranna Gill, Payal Pratap etc. over the years to present exclusive fashion collections based on the brand’s philosophy of youthfulness and highlight beauty which is intrinsic to fashion.

For details visit or Fiama Di Wills on Facebook or tweet with @itcfiamadiwills

Press release re-post
New Delhi, September 26th, 2014

Friday, 26 September 2014

GANT Launched it's Autumn Winter Collection 2014- A Collaboration.

Autumn has stepped in, weather is changing, we are feeling the nip in the air. It's hot and it's cold,leaves are falling and the cloud mostly stays grey. Time to take out your pullovers, sweatshirts, hoodies, keep em in your bag coz you just never know when you might need em. The weather may surprise you.

Talking about Autumn and the weather change,GANT finally launched it's Autumn Winter collection 2014 and guess what... I was there at the Bangalore store to have a sneak peek at the collection... well actually it was more than just a sneak peek. Yeah, tired out outfits and stuff and took some home as well (wink). 

Well for those who do not know about GANT-

GANT is a Swedish luxury clothing brand of American heritage launched in New Haven in 1949. The brand has since then been further developed, being influenced by European Styles, and is now a global clothing business. Gant's products are available from retailers and at signature Gant stores throughout the world, and offer clothing for men, women, boys, girls and babies. Home, Time, Fragrance, Footwear, Underwear and Eyewear licenses are also incorporated under the Gant brand name. 

So I was at the store which is located in Forum mall in Koramangla in the city of Bangalore. This store is specifically for men and had the best of autumn winter collection. Chinos, cardigans, pull overs, sweaters, bright color polo neck t-shirts, linen shits, jeans and three quarter pants were few to choose from. So wait no more. Go and check it out for yourself. It's on the ground floor so less work.

I had a tough time picking up my favorite as I am a bit greedy and you know what they say about greedy boys ha? Yeah... so I had to pick out outfits for different looks and so I did. Well this time round I was behind the camera, doing the job of a stylist and the clothes for a change were going on a male model "Navneeth Sagar". The pictures were taken by my dear friend "Dipayan Debbarma" who also happens to be a designer and a body painting artist. He is brilliant. Y'all must check him out. Click here to see his work. Yeah so what I am trying to say is that it was fun being behind the camera for the first time. It was fun. 

Like to thank GANT for inviting me. Must say they were very welcoming at the store. Check out GANT's Facebook page and make sure to hit the like button.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Elite Model Look India 2014, Bangalore

I wanted to become a model then one day a guy said to me " Have you looked at your face? If Haley Joel Osment puts eyes and nose up his ass, that will look prettier than your damn face". Sighhh.... if only I was taller, thinner and with a different face. I am sure there are more horrible looking people in this world I can feel better in front of. Yeah... God can't be so cruel to me (ear to ear smile). 

Anyway.... getting back to the point. World famous model search Elite finally stepped into India. Yes I'm talking about Elite Model Look 2014 presented by Max for the very first time in India and I could not be more happy. A search for the next India's international face. I had only seen the casting of Elite Model Look on the television and to be witnessing it live was an experience of it's own.

Photo by- Rohith Sarcar

Super Model "Marc Robinson" and "Candice Pinto" were the judges along with the Executive Director of Max "Vasanth Kumar". Lucky me I got a chance to interact with Marc who is an absolute sweetheart. I was trying to understand what were the aspirants being judged on besides their age and height. Marc helped me understand. He said- 

"We are looking for someone who can represent India on an international platform so it's not only about the height, body and the age but about the entire package. The looks, the walk and the stage presence. We are looking for a fresh and photogenic face who we could work upon and polish. It's a super model hunt so it'd definitely not going to be easy for the contestants. They have to work hard if they get selected and if not then better luck next time". 

I also had a one on one with the executive director of Max "Vasanth Kumar" who told me that he is planning to bring Elite Model Look to India every year. This year the selected contestants will be sent to Mumbai for a bootcamp for 10 days. The selected one will then go to China and compete with the contestants of 70 other countries. 

Phewwwww... thats some work to do. All the best who ever it will be. I can't wait till the results are announced. 

Below the pictures is the press release. Just in case you want to know a bit more.  

Photo by- Rohith Sarcar

Photo by- Rohith Sarcar

Photo by - Rohith Sarcar

Photo by- Rohith Sarcar

Photo by- Rohith Sarcar

Photo by- Rohith Sarcar

Photo by- Rohith Sarcar 

"Max" one of country's largest fashion forward brand partnered with the world renowned and prestigious modeling contest, Elite Model Look 2014 (EML) which marks its debuted in India this year. The fourth leg of the contest kick started with the regional casting round in Bangalore after Kolkata, Chandigarh and Delhi. The fashion hub was abuzz with excitement as young boys and girls made a bee-line to Phoenix Market City to participate in an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become India's supermodel. 

Elite in association with Max offered aspiring boys and girls between the age of 18 and 23 , the opportunity to realize their dream and follow in the footsteps of top models such as Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele Bundchen, Sigrid Agren and Constance Joblonski. Judged by prominent personalities from the fashion industry- Mark Robinson, Candice Pinto and Executive Director of Max, Vasanth Kumar, participants were shortlisted based on criterion like their walk, first impression and photogenic appeal. 

Regional casting round is reaching it's final lef in Mumbai after touring key cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Out of which 20 contestants (10 boys and girls) will be further shortlisted at the "National Casting" round which will be held later in September at Mumbai. The finalists will be then enlightened in the "National Preparatory Week" with industry gurus like Marc Robinson guiding and mentoring the aspirants to prepare for the grand finale which is scheduled to take place in October 2014. The winnders will then go on to represent India a the International finale in China and secure a 3 year contact with the Elite Agency.

Commenting on the endeavor, Vasanth Kumar, Executive Director, max said "With the launch of Elite Model Look India 2014, Max reinforces its positioning of democratizing fashion and giving the Indian Models the exposure to establish themselves in the international fashion circuit. We have seen a great response today at Bangalore and we are certain that this hunt for India's next supermodel will help aspiring models across the country gain international recognition. 

Speaking on the occasion, Marc Robinson, project Head of Max EML India 2014 said, " The fashion industry in India today is bereft of "Supermodels" that once had an iconic infulence in the fashion secene in the 1990's today they simply and sadly don't exist. With the introduction of a genuine initiative by the fashion brand like MAX and Elite Model Look, Paris, it will provide an opportunity to aspiring young male and female models".  

Thursday, 18 September 2014



The Autumn Winter 2014 collection looks towards Eastern influences depicting the contrast in Russian wealth, the grandeur of the Tsar regime set against the bleak landscapes of Siberia.
A rich colour palette of dove grey, celestial blue and berry punch dominate the collection, modernised through paisley and digitized floral prints and adapted on dresses.
Ornate prints feature on sports-luxe co-ordinated separates, taking reference from winter athletics, a continuing trend for the coming season. Intricate floral prints and light embellishments appear on draped blouses and knitwear, a digital take on an otherwise functional and simple cut. Masculine injections come in charcoal separates with relaxed fits and geometric prints.
Lacquered lace decorates dresses, a key staple for autumn, taking note from traditional Russian ceramics, whilst sheer sleeves add a contemporary twist.
Icier undertones dominate the latter half of the season with designs and colour ways reflecting the harsher climates of Siberia. A dropped shoulder coat in pale blue is given a brushed wool finish, while boucle and wool coats round up the outwear selection. Mix matching fabrics add a luxurious element to basics, playing on the low-luxe trend for autumn. The knitwear for the season features animal and vibrant prints with zip detailing, whilst an open knit sweater is accented with crystal drops.

Animal prints adorn luxe sweaters with the ‘Tabby Fur’ coat a stand out piece for the season as wildcats of Siberia inspire insulating outwear. Eveningwear is decorated with zip fastening detail, revealing the shoulders, whilst heavy embroidery in linear formations reflects an era of bourgeois dressing.


The Autumn Winter 2014 collection sees French Connection introduce classic gentleman staples that have been raided from the Father’s wardrobe and reworked to suit the modern man’s aesthetic. The collection nods towards the brisk British winter, quality textiles provide a sense of richness as lambswools feature in a collection of the British heritage.
Cottage industry inspired knitwear is prominent throughout the collection; distinctive pheasant fairisle jumpers are modernised to otherwise traditional wool. Silhouettes are unstructured and artisanal to reinforce a very British look. Hues are suitably autumnal with camel, charcoal, port and navy brought to life by confident flashes of lifeboat yellow and blue sapphire. Wool overcoats and quilted jackets are the go-to pieces in the cold season, creating both style and warmth needed for those dark crisp winter nights.
A sea of navy and marine blues is framed by strong denim and crisp poplin shirts, accented by polka dots and the checkered prints evolution. Chambray shirts have a heavy duty feel, the perfect undergarment for heavy coats adding to the military vibe reinforcing the strong masculine image.
In tandem with the classic British tradition, the collection also sees the revival of nineties sportswear. Jackets see a modern matt shine in charcoals and burgundy, where fabrics have been fused together to offer a more relaxed and natural performance. The classic sports hoodie has been transformed to a waffle knit making it ideal for everyday wear. Sleek bomber jackets skillfully tread the line between history and modernity through tweaks in silhouette, fabrication and finish.
The collection is classic and sharp, respectful of the past, yet thoroughly modern.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Things that you din't know about being a Model.

This is a post that I thought I must write after being a part of the Elite Model Look India (well obviously not on the ramp but off it).People do not really understand what it's like to be a model. Everything that glitters is not gold. I myself was not aware of shit loads of things until I got into this industry. 

After speaking to many model friends and model acquaintances, I have listed down things that people do not know about being a model. 
  1. You do not always get paid- Harsh reality but yes. Models do not always get paid for the shows that they do. Sometimes you have to do it because the brand matters, the name matters and you being seen on the runway for a particular famous designer matters. Sometimes you will have to spend from your pocket to travel to another city to walk on the runway for your favorite designer. Specially if you are a new face in the industry. You might not like spending but you are no Kate Moss or David Gandy so deal with it. There is no easy way out says my dear friend "Atul Kumar Tripathi" who is a successful model himself. 

  2. Photoshop rules you- Sometimes you will have no control over how you have to look. The photographers decide how you must look according to how their choice. So you will find yourself being photoshopped quite often. You may think you are perfect but well for them you might not be and you better not argue with the fashion photographer or you can kiss your next assignment goodbye. 

  3. Models do eat- Not every model lives on lettuce leaves and oranges all day. They do eat and I realized this after meeting Prateek Jain "Mr.India 2014" who is rrriippppedd...Trust me... he is. Google him. He said he eats everything. Of course not trash, mostly healthy but eats well. Intense workout is his secret of fitness. Running being the major and most regular routine.

  4. Photoshoots are not nearlyas glamorous as it seems- Sometimes photoshoots can be tiring wayyyy too tiring. You may have to pose for a live long day. May have to wear the skimpiest outfit on a cold day or wear fur and leather on a summer afternoon. In the name of fashion you will have to bare the pain while you wear those uncomfortable shoes, your knees might hurt but they are paying a bom for that. You may also have to undress yourself in front of someone constantly looking at you and craving but you need to deal with all that. 

  5. Get used to waiting- Models sometimes end up waiting for fittings and trials for upto 12 hours. So you may have arrived at 9am for you first trial but you may have to wait until 9pm for the next designer to arrive for your second or third trial. Yeah ... sounds like a tough job rite? It is ... trust me... I am no model but I do get the inside scoop. 
  6. If you do not fit in the clothes then your out of the show- You may have been selected for a runway show for a particular designer but if you do not fit into the clothes that the designer has brought for the showcase then you can walk out without even questioning anyone. Consider it your unlucky day. 
  7. Models do not get to keep the fancy clothes- Model do not always get to keep all those designer pieces that they wear on the runway. Actually they rarely get to keep the clothes. Those pieces are just brought for the show and then are taken back to the designers fashion house. Unless its a super model and the designer is doing a barter system with him or her. 

  8. Get ready to get naked- Yeah.... they will ask you to show your skin.... sometimes more than you would actually feel comfortable showing. Designers and specially the photographers like doing semi nude or sometimes nude photoshoot. So if you are a shy person, drink up before the shoot.  Yeah take shots before the shoot. 

  9. Get used to seeing your embarrassing pictures online - Of course if you are a model then media will keep a close eyes on you. So get ready to see yourself on the news if there is a wardrobe malfunction. There will be people gossiping about you, calling you names etc. You know what I mean rite, the general public tendencies of eyeing something that they don't have and they wish they had- "Grapes are sour".

  10. Get used to people calling you snob- Yeah..... it's another usual tendency. With the title "Model" you also get the title of being a "Snob" because you do not talk much, you hangout with just few close friends, you are not seen falling out of a night club with your buddies or if you are tired of clicking pictures and you do not want to take selfies with anyone because you are exhausted and sleepy from the all day shoot that you just finished.