Tuesday, 10 February 2015

We are a DOT COM now.

Hello my darling readers. Adamsapplelist is now a dot com. Yes we have moved on from being just a fashion blog to an online fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Do follow- www.adamsapplelist.com 

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, 29 January 2015

7 Weird things I learnt at Bangalore Fashion Week!

Bangalore Fashion Week just wrapped up last week and here are few weird things that I learnt.
  1. Do not invest too much time in getting your outfits ready for the fashionable four days extravaganza because barely anyone's gonna look fashionable. (M not even kidding).

  2. You can take pictures from your camera but your cannot take pictures from your phone. (Wait... what? Am I the only one who thinks this is a load of crap? Can anyone explain the logic behind it?) 
  3. Unlike any other fashion week in the world, Bangalore Fashion Week does not allow you to take pictures from your seat even if you promise not to slam it on anyone's face. (Well, I'd understand if the standards were higher than any other fashion week but Jeez Louise ... how much more retarded can you get?) 
  4.  You will be gawked at if you wear anything out of the ordinary. (Wait, aren't fashion weeks suppose to be a place to express your freedom to fashion?  Unless I got it all wrong.)   

  5. Carry a portable fan or Japanese fan because you will be burning to death as the hotel will be saving on some electricity bill by cutting the air conditioning. (pheww... it was hot in there for all the wrong reasons). 
  6. Filtering crowd is an Alien term for the organizers. They will let anyone in for their publicity. (Well... there were quite a lot of douchbags  loitering around pretending to be a part of media to get free drinks). 
  7. If you are someone who has been invited by the PR agency and not directly by the event company then you will be treated as the audience member of Baba Ramdev's yoga class- (No flying f***s will be given).   

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

3 Men who made all the Women go weak in their knees at Bangalore Fashion Week 12th Edition!

Beautimus, blaze, babelicious, easy on the eyes, fervent, finer than frog hair, foxy, hot stuff, phat, swankalishious, tasty, sexy, bangable, blazing, clean up good, mackadocious" are just few of the many slangs that came to my ears when the male models walked down the runway and then walked off the runway at Bangalore Fashion Week 12th edition.  

I,  just like any other ordinary looking boy with identity crisis who has intermittent explosive disorder and chronic psych attack and who looks just like a low calorie meal that taste of despair, was sitting  at the show and hearing girls gasp for breath as the male models walked down the runway and cursing mother nature for not investing time in creating me! 

Well along came the way the idea of writing this post and boy oh boy did I have a tough time getting my "Liam O Flynn" (Writing of the Stardust) on. Oh yes I did, because I discovered that English language has much more than just F***s, S***, A**  and B****.

Out of all the male models, the most talked about models were these three and not only were they the most desired and objectified subjects at the fashion week but they also shared something in common- "Long Hair and Stubble"

and here they are-

Please note- The selections are in no particular order! 

Seemed moulded from a different cast as he had an androgynous look uncommon to most people. He knew how to carry his imperious look well and his angular cheekbones carved and covered with mild stubble. He had a samson physique and the runway loved the way he glided with an athletic grace on every beat. He was considered drool worthy for his swoony and hypnotising hair. His name is Ankit Raj. A 25 year old Mumbai based model who has been in the industry for the past 5 years.  Travels in and around India for various modeling assignments. He loves to keep it simple. Says Fashion and Comfort goes hand in hand. 


He radiated energy and glamour. His jawline appeared chiselled into shape by a master craftsman. The sharp contours looked they were sculpted and pared to perfection. Smokey eyes bewitched all those who fell his steady gaze and hair groomed so carefully had rippling quality. His name is Adeem Kirmani. A 25 year old Kashmiri boy who has found his career in the glam world of India. Fitness is his lifestyle, simple is his style. Adeem is not only a fashion model but also runs his own jeans brand under the label A&A. He does not like following trends and style but likes to create one, never been a fashion junky and likes to dress according to his mood. Someday's he rates himself 10 on 10 and someday's zero on 10 Adeem feels most comfortable in a pair of jeans and a shirt or a t-shirt. 


Pic by- Rishabh Chaturvedi 

He is one of the very few Sikh male models in India. Sports a turban and beard. His wrestler's shoulders were part of his burly physique. He walked like a tiger while triggering his pray with sharp glare at the camera. The aquiline nose he sported complimented his cheekbone. Handsome in an understated way, his looks and spartan shoulders spoke of strength. He always walked with an unnoticeable yet easy on eyes expression and a slight smile. His name is Tejeshwar Singh. A Punjabi boy based in Mumbai who feels most comfortable in his own skin. Follows no trend and likes to keep everything to minimal. Says whatever you wear with confidence becomes your style.  


Monday, 26 January 2015

"Aslam Khan" brought the best out of the" Boys of Fashion" at Bangalore Fashion Week 12th edition.

We all know him as the Master of "Bespoke", someone who represents the "art of tailoring", someone who designs for the young and the energetic and most importantly- someone who brings the best of boys. Yes we are talking about "Aslam Khan". Even though the showcase incorporated collections for both men and women, men clearly stole the cherry off the cake by having a party on the runway. The runway wasn't a runway for a change, it was a celebration spot. 

Honestly this was my first time witnessing Aslam Khan's fashion show live and I could not have asked for a better show and festive outfits.   

The collection was colorful, bright, full of life and for the modern Indian! 

Starting with the pictures of the boys and if you scroll further down, you will see the graceful girls as well. 

You can thank me later! 

Monday, 19 January 2015

To be a Fashion Model you have to learn to be like a Chameleon!

Lately, specially after my recent post on "Self check for aspiring models", I have been receiving messages from people asking if they can be models. I cannot begin to describe how ignorant people have become, it's like they cant see themselves anymore, they cant judge who they are and what they are meant to do. I usually hate to be the one bursting the bubble but someone's gotta speak truth. Not everyone can be models. If that were the case I'd be ruling the runway but unfortunately I do not have the height, body, face or the personality to work the runway. 

Fashion isn't only about looking pretty, wearing fabulous outfits and posing for the camera. 

Fashion is like Acting.

A fashion model is an Actor.

You act without talking. 

Yes, it's in your eyes, in your smile, in your expression and in your attitude. You become a chameleon changing colour whenever required. 

Every designer has a different theme based collection, every brand has a different story to tell and every image that a brand creates is a fantasy world. You as a model need to forget yourself when you are in the moment. You no more are yourself but what the designer or the brand wants you to be. 

You can be a shy person but if your scene requires you to be bold, show skin and act like a ring leader then you have to, you can be boy next door kinda guy but when a designer asks you to be a womanizer or be a lover then you have to be, you could be a mom turned model but when you are asked to be a  bad girl then you have to. Requirements are endless but there is only one YOU. 

Similarly, on the runway, you are not you. You are a bride, a college girl,a mistress, a mom, a queen, princess, a lonely girl, a jungle girl, a self liberating girl, girl from the sixties, from the eighties, from the nineties, an athletic girl, an adventurous girl. 

Man become the gentleman, business man, bridegroom, best man, king, an emperor, an athlete, a swimmer, man with a dark side, tarzan, fitness guy, ladies man, gay man and so on and so forth.

So you see, modeling isn't only about your face, it's much more than that. It's a lot harder than you thought. So next time before you ask anyone else, look in the mirror and ask yourself the QUESTION!